Suzanne Cleary



Giorgio Morandi
spent his life
painting bottles,
watercolors and
oils, in greens &
golds and blues.
bottles, hand-blown or
mass-produced, it did
not matter to him. He’d
paint one bottle repeatedly,
for years, specifically, one
edge of the bottle, lip to base,
where light touched it. He
painted the light by leaving
the paper bare, a white sliver,
to mirror the shape of the
bottle’s other edge, lost in
darkness. This was his life’s
work: a small collection of
bottles, the light source
unidentified, the small canvas
a vessel for argument as to the
capacity of one sliver of light
to balance the dark.



Suzanne Cleary’s poetry books are Keeping Time and Trick Pear (Carnegie Mellon.) Winner of a Pushcart Prize, her poems have appeared in several anthologies including Best American Poetry and journals including Atlantic Monthly, Poetry London, and Ploughshares. She is Professor of English at SUNY Rockland and also teaches in the Converse College low-residency MFA in Creative Writing program.