Featuring poems that reflect upon art housed at Hill-Stead Museum and selected by the editors for Theodate’s cover art. This issue: “The Tub” by Edgar Degas. (For upcoming cover selections and how to submit, click here.) 

Though not all poems received are posted, we welcome and publish poems by writers of all ages, as evidenced in the poets’ bios. (For an introduction to the concept of ekphrasis, click here.)

We hope you share our enthusiasm for this section, as it so wonderfully fuses Hill-Stead’s dual commitment to being a small, world-class art museum and a renowned epicenter for the art of poetry.


Julie Batten          JoAnne Bauer          M. L. Brown          David Clayson Brydges          Joyce Carile


Katharine Carle          Emily Durkin          Shayla Hawkins       Paul Hostovsky          Joan Kantor


Risa Lewis          Julia Morris Paul          David Rachlin          Ravi Shankar          Heidi St. Jean


Rhett Watts